Highly Expected New Cars 2018 UK

Highly Expected New Cars 2018 UK

United Kingdom or UK is among the most prospective country for car marketing. Even though public transportation is encouraged but the overall citizen are able to afford personal car. Thus, some of the showrooms are crowded with new customers. If you are looking for the next year car release in UK, here is some of the most expected new cars 2018 UK. The car will not be released until the 2018 is approaching.

New Cars 2018 UK

  1. DS 7 Crossback

The relatively new PSA group is planning to step up the game to elevate their brand name by releasing DS7 Crossback. This will be in SUV design that looks really stylish and pretty with the upper roof looks like it is made of a black crystal glass. Compact and slim, the csr surprisingly has plenty of leg room and is able to hold for five seats. Sleek design with well crafted minimalist headlights are complemented with wide grille with DS logo embedded in the center. The little lamps on each side of the grille is an unique design that is highly attractive. New brand and pretty design makes it one of the most awaited new cars 2018 UK.

new cars 2018 UK

  1. Honda CR-V Hybrid

What is more exciting than seeing a popular flagship finally comes in hybrid version? Honda brings a good news for those who are rooting for CR-V in a stepped up engine that is both economical and eco-friendly. Showcased already, the car will have higher wheel, that makes the body looks tinier. The sleek grille with silver chrome is still attained, a relief from the trend of bold grille that seemed to be followed by almost all auto makers. The engine is combination of 2.0 liter petrol engine and two electric motors. This hybrid car is among new cars 2018 UK worth anticipate for.

  1. Hyundai Fuel Cell

This will probably be the most expected car not in just UK but also al countries because for the first time a fuel cell technology will be introduced to mainstream use. Fuel cell technology is using hydrogen as the component to empower the car. While electric car always have the problem with range limit or gas car with its less economical and polluting fuel, fuel cell does not have either of the problem. The EF fuel cell technology allows the car to have range limit up to 500 miles, much higher than electric car. The introduced car also comes in gold color while maintaining the price to be as friendly as possible. Hyundai definitely is the most awaited among soon-to-be released new cars 2018 UK.

  1. Mercedes A Class

Mercedes A Class will be another public friendly car that also has the hint of sophistication of expensive sport car. The car is powered with 2.1 liter diesel engine. The turbocharged engine is also available in which it can result in 400 horsepower. The design of the car has slightly longer front part and crease on both front and side part of the car, making the car a little muscular. Mercedes A Class will be one of the upcoming release among new cars 2018 UK.

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