The Most Expected 2018 SUVs Coming Out

The Most Expected 2018 SUVs Coming Out

2018 is coming soon is time to expect some of the new line up from almost all auto makers in the world. The upcoming year is expected to be a sophisticated year in which highly advanced technology is predicted to be applied in almost all cars released at that year. The point design that focuses on making the car looks futuristic and speedy is also predicted to be apparent in them.  Here is the list of the most expected 2018 SUVs coming out.

2018 SUVs Coming Out

  1. Audi e-tron Quattro

Audi never release electric car because it is still completing the battery technology that can reach 300 miles in single charge. Audi has always known to serve the best specifications and will not release a car just because the model is in. Apparently, their battery technology is completed now as Audi will release its first electric car. The promise of 300 miles range limit definitely raise excitement from auto fans. The car will be powered with their batteries in order to reach 310 miles in single charge. The design itself has not revealed yet. It is however, thankfully gets the grille sliced down for production that at least the Audi proud by actually pompous looking grille is not to be found among 2018 SUVs coming out.

2018 SUVs coming out

  1. Bentley Continental BT

The classic Bentley that was once very popular in 90s is back to release Bentley Continental BT. This car will come with compact and slim SUV design. Expected to be released in March 2018, some of the leaked specifications include W12 petrol engine power that can produce up to 626 horsepower, a totally powerful engine. The number itself has made public eager to wait for the release of the car. What’s more exciting is that the hybrid version will also be released that features V6 and electric motor. It marks the car as one of the expected 2018 SUVs coming out.

  1. BMW X2

With the buzz of high-tech sport car with fabulous price, BMW X2 comes as quality mid range car that can be the choice for those who don’t need neither pompous car or super speed as long as it is functioning in life. The BMW X2 will be powered with four cylinder petrol and diesel with two choices of transmission gearboxes of either six automatic transmission or eight manual transmission. The design is also pretty friendly in which it looks classy and humble at the same time. This car definitely will be of the more public friendly among 2018 SUVs coming out.

  1. Citroen A5 Aircross

Another car that will be a good choice for those who seek for comfortable and friendly car instead of the snobby sport car is Citroen A5 Aircross. Complemented with hydraulic cushion system, it will help to make the ride smoother and more comfortable. The engine is not yet revealed but it will likely be 1.6 or 2.0 liter of petrol or diesel engine. For those who want a more eco-friendly car, the hybrid and pure electric car version will also be released later after the regular 2018 SUVs coming out.

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