2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition Specs, Price

2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition Specs, Price

2018 is a year for pickup truck enthusiast. For this year, there are so many auto companies that will release pickup truck as their best product. For the newest one, 2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition will make your day in 2018. For you who admire more masculine and tough pickup truck, the Ram Rebel of this version is the best choice. For the 2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition Specs, it has been upgraded to make it has high performance. What’s on the new Ram Rebel? Just check this out!

It is not only has the best exterior performance, 2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition also has the best specs. For the exterior, we can see that it has all black concept. That is why the new Ram Rebel Balck Edition called as the most masculine and though pickup truck. The look is supported by the tremendous 2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition specs. The air vent will be available on the front bumper which is also be surrounded by the round-shaped fog lights. This round-shaped fog lights will be placed on each side of bumper and two hooks. To make it tougher, there will be a large rear and font lamps.

2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition

Then, the 2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition specs will be the amazing one. The theme of the new Ram Rebel must be all-black sine there will be steering wheel and material seats that have black color. Audio control switches are also built on the steering wheel. Although the color of seats are all black, the seats can be heated and so adjustable. As the futuristic car, it will come in various safety features such as ABS, parking assist, airbags, and many more. Along this performance, it will make you be smoother and safer while driving around.

For engine performance as the most important 2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition specs, it has two options. For the first one is the standard version. It has a V6 Penstastar engine with 3.6 litres and 8 speed of automatic transmission. With this power, the Ram Rebel Balck Edition will have 269lb-ft of torque. For the second version is the alternative one which has stronger and more powerful engine. For the alternative version is built in V8 HEMI engine with 5.7 litres and 395hp horsepower. In that condition, it could reach 410 lb-ft. This version has been designed for aggressive look and supreme in off road performance.

2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition Price

The new 2018 RAM Rebel Black Edition will be sold in various price based on the engine capacity. For the basic features and specs, the price will be started from $47,000. For other option of 2018 Ram Rebel Black Edition specs must be higher. All the price can be increased or decreased based on the features that will be added. You can grab this wonderful pickup truck in the end of this year to the early 2018. It is the best choice for you who like black and want to get the most masculine look pickup truck.

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