2018 Ford Ranger Release Date and Review

2018 Ford Ranger Release Date and Review

As 2018 is approaching, many automakers are releasing their 2018 version of car, including Ford. One of the lineup that is going to be released is Ford Ranger. As the company has hinted on 2018 Ford Ranger release date that means the pickup truck is not just a rumour but will be a real deal for 2018 lineup. However, what Ford brings in this 2018 version of Ranger is still not disclosed yet and few changes may occurs. Still, it is claimed to be a revamped version of the predecessor. Will it be better? Let’s check the review.

2018 Ford Ranger Engine Changes

There is an upgrade of the engine of Ford Ranger previous version with the new one. In the new version, the engine is powered with turbocharged petrol engine that can produce 250 horsepower with just 2.5 liter capacity while the previous version can only produce less than 200 horsepower. Another option of engine will be V6 with much more powerful horsepower of 300, but the former engine will be more economical because of it’s lit capacity but great power. The full variation of the engine will be announced during the official 2018 Ford Ranger release date.

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The Exterior Look of Ford Ranger 2018 Version

Ford is also trying to adjust with the current trend by upgrading the look of Ford Ranger to be more sophisticated to match the advanced era. Coming with slimmer body proportion and smooth surface, Ford Ranger 2018 looks more classy despite being a pickup truck. To maintain the fierceness of the car, the bold grille is still accentuated. The crew box is longer since the body length of the car is also increased. The full view of the car will be shown once it is the 2018 Ford Ranger release date. The concept of the Ford Ranger 2018 version is most likely will be a both elegant and fierce pick-up truck. The design should be matched with the mid-range engine specifications to avoid it being too mediocre.

The Interior of The New Ford Ranger

There will be some of the products of technology to be embedded. The car features a mix of cloth and leather. The center of the dashboard will have a touchscreen as navigation and infotainment. The leg room is also spacey and better than the previous version. As for the entertainment, a high quality speaker is embedded along with various players and connectivity. Wireless charging will also be available. The interior may fall in between luxurious and humble at the same time. Since pickup truck is supposed for heavy duty, it will be uncomfortable if Ford just goes all luxurious.

Price and Release Date of The New Ford Era

The price of the car is expected to be around $30,000 to $60,000 depend on the customization chosen by buyers. The customization will include different floor mat, engine specification, and other stuffs apart from the main specifications. As for the 2018 Ford Ranger release date it will be released in the end of 2017 and for the latest will be on early 2018.

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