The New 2018 Cars Worth Waiting for

The New 2018 Cars Worth Waiting for

There will be many cars released in 2018 and it will be hard to choose one. Either the design, performance, or price are all revamped to lure customers in. But not all auto makers focus on earning profit only. 2018 is the beginning of sophisticated year thus many auto makers want to show their most innovative, highly adept to advanced technology to show their improvement of car production system. Here is the list of 2018 cars worth waiting for.

2018 Cars Worth Waiting for

  1. Aston Martin Valkyrie

Among the high class sport car that is about to release the most innovative and unique looking sport car is Aston Martin Valkyrie. The car has the Ferrari streak on it and is expected to be a high performance car with speedy and crisp drive. The design of the car is not what we will usually see in normal street. In fact, it resembles more of a race car than a regular one. The small thin front is complemented with low roof, making the car super compact. The further specifications will be announced soon once the car is confirmed to be released.

2018 cars worth waiting for

  1. Alpine 110

Has always been mentioned in almost all headlines about the future 2018 cars worth waiting for, Alpine 110 is a sweet looking sport car that brings the sophistication and domestic comfort at the same time. Unlike other cars that take form in the most innovative way it is almost imposs to blend with the crowd, Alpine 110 is an elegant and speedy car at the same time. The car is likely to be powered with 1.8 turbocharged engine. The almond shaped headlights are soft-looking and the grille is really simple and minimalist, creating a stylish compact car.

  1. Audi A6

One of the 2018 cars worth waiting for is from Audi lineup. Audi has always bring a stylish SUV car in which each of the car released has their own distinct style. One of the stylish car that will be released by Audi is the new Audi A6. Audi A6 does not have the strange looking grille that Audi seems to eager to apply as a sign of sophistication. It had nice lined up straight grille and slanted headlights. The crease on both side of the car speaks speediness of the car. The car is expected to be released in 2018.

  1. BMW 8 Series

Has been showcased before, the new BMW 8 Series is extremely unique with long front part that somehow look like the resurrected version of limo. Sharp and long design, the accentuated silver grille placed in the center of a black painted car is the point of the car. The headlights are super slanted it is hard to say the car looks like regular domestic car at all. The hollow part placed in each side of the grille is not found in any car. It is meant to balance the aerodynamic of the car. With such innovation, BMW 8 Series is definitely one of the 2018 cars worth waiting for.

  1. Ferrari Portofino

The Italian car has not stopped its charm as being the most acknowledged speedy sport car. In 2018, it will release Ferrari Portofino. The car will be powered with twin turbo V8 engine that can produce 592 horsepower, a totally powerful car. The convertible roof is the classic look of sporty car. However, the front part of the car is longer with slightly raised bumper. The red color is of course still Ferrari trademark color. That is all 2018 cars worth waiting for.

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